Training with ‘Sloot

I have had the opportunity over the last couple months to work with one of the BETTER PG’s in the world, Chicago Sky (WNBA) PG Courtney Vandersloot (@Sloot22). It has become more evident WHY she has had the success she’s had – Being the first NCAA Division I player (Men’s and Women’s) to accumulate both 2,000 points and 1,000 assists in her career, a three time West Coast Conference Player of the Year and #3 Pick by the Chicago Sky in the 2011 WNBA Draft doesn’t happen by accident. These three things are what I believe separate her from other players:

COMPETES – During our time training Courtney has challenged herself by going “game speed’ at every drill or situation I have put her in. A player of her caliber, I expect that. The part that amazes me is the competitiveness to be perfect EVERY repetition! This allows her to improve quicker and have an immediate impact on her game! She brings it!

Ability to learn quickly (IQ) – One of the more savvy players I have EVER been around! She has challenged me as a coach to study the game more in depth to teach her new concepts. From on-ball screen reads, separating off the dribble and finding creative ways to finish, she learns quickly! She is attentive – eyes locked in, focused and hungry for knowledge!

LOVE – Courtney’s LOVE for the game was evident the minute we began working out – Didn’t have to plead for her to work hard, she got to work! Didn’t have to beg for her to train with emotion, nor did I have to ask her to enjoy herself. She truly LOVES the game and brings enthusiasm and energy to EVERY workout! When you LOVE something it is harder to surrender, she proves this with a relentless work ethic!

On top of these three things, she is extremely humble about her success and is determined to become more! A quote that I used with Courtney, “Fall in LOVE with the process of becoming GREAT” has been a staple behind our workouts and I know she will continue to enjoy what lies ahead!

Check out a short video that was shot by my man David Jones (@ThaDeacon).


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