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camps elite Dec 16, 2016

The term ELITE was once used to classify the top players in every classification (NBA, WNBA, College & High School). Now days, ELITE is used more freely and to raise the stature of a player or team. CHB Elite Camps were designed to challenge players in groups similar to their skill level/set. Players are invited based on previous accomplishments and/or coaches recommendations.

Elite (noun) – the most powerful, rich, gifted, or educated members of a group, community, etc.

To help players better understand what it takes to be ELITE, we gave them an acronym to remind them:

  • Extraordinary – ELITE players are far from average and will do things out of the ordinary to separate themselves!
  • Leadership – ELITE players have the ability to influence others vocally and with their actions – They understand their teams success is a key factor to becoming ELITE!
  • IQ – ELITE players have a high basketball IQ and have a knack for making the right play at the right time! Students of the game!
  • Teammate – A branch off leadership allows ELITE players to be dependable, consistent and trusted teammates – They are in it for US and not I, knowing that OUR success will bring MY success!
  • Energy (Effort & Enthusiasm) – ELITE players bring positive energy to the gym DAILY! They understand their accomplishments are short lived and are never satisfied!

Players who attend a CHB Elite Camp will be stretched and challenged to be uncomfortable! CHB Elite Camps offer:

  • Two days of camp (4 hours each day)
  • Each player receives CHB Elite NIKE Dri-Fit shirt/short set
  • Six hours of skill work/situational games
  • Guest speakers to build leadership skills
  • On-court strength & conditioning + Nutritional tips
  • Option for Individual Camp film (highlight tape)

This year, CHB Elite Camps were run for High School Boys & Girls. Locations were:

  • BOYS – The Evergreen State College (Olympia,WA – November 2nd & 3rd)
  • GIRLS – Henry T. Schatz Boys & Girls Club (Tacoma,WA – November 8th & 9th)

CHB Elite Camp dates will be announced in the Spring. To bring a CHB Elite Camp to your gym, contact us at [email protected]!

BIG thank you to my staff for helping make this camp “one of a kind”! Arvin Mosley, Mark Wilkerson, Yattah Reed and Andy Hyppa all play integral roles in making this camp well rounded and intense!

See you at a camp soon!


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